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Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

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Surprise your friend or revenge your enemy, This is your tool! 

Designed to go all over the place, our tiny, 6" by 1 1/2" shipping tube is loaded with a compression spring that shoots out enough glitter to make or ruin anyone's day. You also have the option to write a custom message which will spring out of the tube when opened or be written all over the tube!

Made in the USA of 100% high-quality recyclable materials. Our unique design allows us to hide the sound of the spring and content. Trust us, they will shoot a lot of glitter.

Get creative in the message you send, here are the most common messages:

  • Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Engagement!
  • F you!
  • I love you!
  • Good Luck!
  • You are awesome!




The spring loaded glitter bomb is sold on all mayor trusted websites.

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A Few Faq's

  • Yes, somehow we do have Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    Is This For Real?
    Yes dude, we spent too much money and resources not to get payed for this.
    How does it work?
    Click the purchase button. Decide who's day you want to make or ruin and then enter their address.
    What happens after I give you my money?
    We'll fill up a spring loaded shipping tube with glitter and send it to the recipient's address (your info will not appear anywhere).
    Will the recipient know who sent the gift?
    No, unless you open your mouth.
    How does GlitMail makes it anonymous?
    Pretty simple actually, your information is not included anywhere on the package, unless you include personal information in your personalized message. We ship from an anonymous address, so the recipient will never know unless you tell. If the recipient contacts us requesting the shipper information, we first contact you to let them know of the recipients concern and see if there is a remedy for what may have been a simple misunderstanding.
    How long do gifts take to get delivered?
    Gifts are shipped within two business days and we ship with USPS First Class Mail. It is uncommon but in some cases we may experience delays on fulfilling the Spring Loaded Glitter due to high volume order requests.
    Why should I pay you to send a spring loaded glitter with sand bomb to someone I Hate?
    First of all, use your fucking imagination! We're going to pour glitter and sand into a spring loaded shipping tube with a folded up piece of paper with your message (if you choose). You know what's going to happen when that dick opens the tube? A fucking mess, a "takes too long to clean" kind of mess, a "why the fuck don't I have a vacuum cleaner" kind a mess, it will go everywhere.
    Can I ask more annoying questions?
    Sure! Just provide an email and your concern in the form provided on the bottom of the website. Also use the discount code DISCOUNT to get 20% off the Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb.




Please use this form to contact us regarding any concerns you may have, recommendations, reviews... We love hearing back from you. Thank you!


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