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What is a Glitter bomb?

What is a Glitter bomb?

Glitter bombing is typically an act of political protest in which activists dump glitter on their opponents — sometimes individuals who are opposed to same-sex marriage — in public. Some critics argue that glitter bombing is considered assault, and some doctors warn glitter bombs can enter the eyes and nose and can cause corneal damage.

Glitter is an ingenious tool of protest. Its shimmery sheen carries an innocence and sparkling carefreeness that prompted The New York Times to declare it "a kinder, gentler form of pranksterism."Its association with fanciful things make glitter easy to dismiss as silly, random, even fun.

One reason why glitterbombs are so effective is that they make their targets look ridiculous. They make an explosive statement, but without hurting their targets. Glitterbombing, in essence, makes a serious point about the status quo without the serious side effects.

But glitter's sparkle disguises its ability to be intensely annoying—it's been derided as "craft herpes" for a reason (“Like the STD herpes, once you have glitter on you, you cannot get rid of it”). Glitter’s—and glitterbombing’s—associations with the gay community and flamboyance have made it a popular tool for protesting stances against marriage equality. What makes it perfect in this context is its symbolism. It's immediately identifiable with the LGBT platform and makes a not-so-subtle statement about what protesters want. Unlike classic protest staples like pie, it can’t easily be wiped away, making glitter an ideal means for LGBT activists to make their point.